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APRIL 2014

Hi Kids – March Madness is finally behind us (almost) and the worst winter I can remember is also gone (we hope). Maybe the weather gods will finally stop the rain and snow long enough to allow us to start spending our time playing with our horses like we’re supposed to be doing. Our show season is fast approaching, so get ready to come out and enjoy a big year!

We had our March Business Meeting last Thursday – it wasn’t as well attended as we would have hoped for , but those of us who were there got through our agenda just fine:
* Our Donna Carpenter Benefit Show was a roaring success – if you hadn’t already heard, we raised just
at $16,000.00 for Donna & Bone. Thanks to all of you and your friends for coming out and supporting
this totally worthwhile cause. We “done good” and had a great time doing it!
* We held the last of our Winter Barrel Blast Series – they all went very well in spite of a few weather

difficulties along the way.
* Our brand new computer system, to control our shows, keep our records, results, etc. is scheduled to be
installed within the next few days. This should really help streamline our shows and make it a bit easier
for our hard-working sign-up, scheduling and announcing crew to manage our shows.
* We had our first Rodeo Committee meeting and have started the process of getting sponsors for the
show and making all the necessary arrangements to make this year’s rodeo the best ever. Please come
out and volunteer your time and effort, as all good active Club members should do.
* We now have official Union County Saddle Club License Plates for sale @ $10.00 each – be sure to
get yours before we run out (but we will be ordering more, as the demand demands).
* Also, don’t forget to buy your official UCSC Butt Pads @ $6.00 each – they really help keep your
sitting muscles happy.

Chelsey and her crew really did manage to surprise old Josh with a Surprise Birthday Party last Saturday. Can you imagine anyone being only being 31 years old? They chased cows (and each other) all over the arena, ate burgers, dogs and who knows what else and they just had a grand old time. That’s what this Club, and arena, is all about!


Saturday, Apr. 5 th UCSC/G-Bone Team Roping Noon to ????
Sunday, Apr, 6 th UCSC Drill Team Practice 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Saturday, Apr. 12 th UCSC/NBHA Barrel Horse Show
Saturday, Apr. 19 th First UCSC Open Horse Show 10:00 AM to ????
Sunday, Apr. 20 th UCSC Drill Team Practice 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Saturday, May 3 rd UCSC/NRHA Racking Horse Show 3:00 PM to ????
Note: Our “Break-a-way” ropers may also be practicing on Sunday afternoons

time to pay your 2014 UCSC Dues! – Please don’t wait until the first show!

As usual, I invite you all to “send” all comments, suggestions, complaints, criticismsand anything else you need to get off your chest to me at:

Union County Saddle Club, Inc.
c/o Jim Holzinger
42 Brumby Run, Blairsville, GA 30512
Home: (706) 781-6449 / Cell: (706) 897-0980 / Fax: (706) 781-1507
or E-mail: < keyholz@aol.com>


Hi kids – I know February is our shortest month but, I for one, can’t wait for it to go away – too much rain – too much snow – too much mud – too much stuff getting in the way of doing what we want to do most – play with our horses! We’re getting close – if the weather holds, we can finally start getting serious. I hope you’re ready for a big year with the Union County Saddle Club – we are certainly spooling one up.
Lots of fun-stuff for one and all!

We had another well-attended Business Meeting last Thursday – we got a lot done getting ready for 2014:
* Our Show Committee fixed a few words in the By-Laws that needed work, they came out with the 2014
Show Sheet and they worked on a few last-minute details for the up-coming Donna Carpenter Benefit
Show. Be sure to come out and actively support this very important event;
* We are about to start taking bids for a full-blown, built-in, sprinkler system to keep our arena moist and
dust-free. It should work a whole lot better than the old water truck;
* We are on the verge of finalizing the purchase of a brand new computer system to control our shows,
keep our records and results, etc.:
As I said, we got a lot done at this particular meeting – hopefully even more of you will find (or make) the time to come out for our future meetings (every 3 rd Thursday @ 7:00 PM) – we need and appreciate all of the help we can get to make this Club go in the direction the majority of our members want it to go.

We will be having our first Rodeo Committee Meeting in the very near future – to finalize everything necessary to make this year’s rodeo the best ever. The Dodge Truck folks will again be our prime sponsor but I expect that we (the Union County Saddle Club) will be a co-prime sponsor. It will be a lot of work but, with the help of our friends (you folks), we should be able to pull-it-off, no sweat! Keep in mind, we will need many additional gate and event sponsors – so put your thinking-caps on looking for candidates.


Friday, Feb. 28 th Donna Carpenter Ranch Sorting 4:00 PM Practice Session Start
Saturday, Mar. 1 st Donna Carpenter Barrel Race & Roping 9:30 AM to ????
Sunday, Mar. 9 th UCSC Drill Team Practice 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Saturday, Mar. 15 th UCSC Barrel Blast Jackpot 10:00 AM to ????
Saturday, Mar. 22 nd Private Birthday Party Noon to ????
Sunday, Mar. 23 rd UCSC Drill Team Practice 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Note: Our “Break-a-way” ropers may also be practicing on Sunday afternoons

REMEMBER – YOUR 2014 UCSC DUES ARE NOW DUE! – Please don’t wait until the first show!


Hi kids – I decided to write this newsletter a little early this month – no “rants” and no complaints, just a little Union County Saddle Club news and a bit of “team-building”.

Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s up to all of us to actively support Art and his 2014 UCSC Staff . They (we) are all dedicated to making this the best UCSC year ever! The more active (and regular) help we get, the better the year will be.

Our Show Schedule for 2014 is starting to take shape and the dates are filling up. Jennifer has called her first Show Committee Meeting – to happen late this month. If you have any ideas or constructive thoughts to offer, be sure to contact her or any of the members of her committee. Just keep in mind, it’s our collective responsibility to actively support whatever gets decided. If you have a problem with something, let Jennifer hear about it but be prepared to help her work it out.

Our January Business Meeting was well attended and a quite a bit was accomplished: *Our first
Barrel Blast turned-out to be a success – we made enough to cover our $500.00 added money plus a
little more. *The process of purchasing and installing new computers, printers and everything that
goes with them is well underway. *We also discussed the proposition of having a timer read-out at the finish end of the arena – it may be a little costly, but we’re “thinking” about ways to get’er done.

It was decided to hold a Benefit for our Donna Carpenter , who’s really been “through it” these past couple of weeks – we hope and pray that she’ll continue to show the progress she’s shown thus far. We will be having a “Sorting” event on Friday, February 28 th and a “Barrel Race” and “Roping Show” on Saturday, March 1 st . More details will follow as soon as they are firmed-up.

I just have to end this newsletter with a little straight poop (no pun intended) and I hope this is the last time we have to bring it up! Our Official Arena Manure Policy has raised quite a “stink” lately – here it is: “Don’t scrape-out your trailer and then just leave the mess on the ground for folks to walk in! If you make a mess, have the courtesy of using the scoop provided (if you don’t have your own) and throw the mess in the grass. The primary areas of concern are the roadways surrounding the run-out chute, the “entry area” to the arena and the “holding area” just outside the orth-east corner of the arena. It certainly isn’t too much to expect that we all clean-up after ourselves and our horses. Contrary to reports that I’ve heard, we do not expect everyone to “follow their horses around with buckets and shovels!”


Sunday, Feb. 2 nd Private Birthday Party
Saturday, Feb. 15 th UCSC Winter Barrel Blast #2 10:00 Sign-up – 1:00 Start
Saturday, Mar. 15 th UCSC Winter Barrel Blast #3 10:00 Sign-up – 1:00 Start
NOTE: The County Mounties will using the arena each Friday from 4-7PM thru February 22 nd
Our “Break-a-way” ropers may also be practicing on Sunday afternoons

REMEMBER – YOUR 2014 UCSC DUES ARE NOW DUE – Please don’t wait until the first show!


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